Find these hand selected products in our studio

Copper H20

By gently fusing properties from copper, storing and drinking water in copper  bottles has many health benefits. It naturally alkalizes water which helps balance the body's pH levels. In Ayurvedic practice, drinking from copper is said to balance the three doshas, vatta, kapha, and pitta.

Moxie Malas

"Moxie Malas is jewelry inspired by the best version of yourself as a reminder of the personal power, strength, support and peace that exists within you always." 

Each piece is hand crafted with semi-precious stones and crystals. Many are made to incorporate aromatherapy through the use of porous lava stone. Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to the lava stones and enjoy!

Skin KC

Created by Stephanie Simkins, SKIN™ is a line of natural skin care and body products made with organic ingredients and oils each with a specific healing component in mind.

Crafted by hand, each product delivers the highest quality ingredients in their purest form to nourish, heal and provide that extra touch of pampering goodness.