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The Full Wheel Journey

May 6, 2019

Hello to all my Full Wheel Friends!!!


     I hope everyone is blooming as we are well in to spring and, thankfully, out of that long winter we had here in the Midwest. It started early, brought challenges for traveling, impacted our homes, and seemed like it was one snow blow to another! Being a massage therapist, I noticed the toll it took on my clients bodies and their emotions. Issues ranged from the financial burden of property damage, the strain from shoveling over and over, and the mere fact that it was just easier to stay inside than face the elements. I noticed it manifest physically as tension, lymphatic stagnation and pain.



     With this combination of things I saw an overall increase in depression, weight gain, lack of physical activity, and an overall change in mood in people. I also saw it in myself {hi tummy!} While I work hard to embrace the seasons and all they have to offer, I would be lying if I said I did not succumb to the gray that was this past few months. {Netflix and my bed you are my bffs!} Winter is a time of reflection and contemplation {yay!} but comes with baggage. The biggest challenge I see is lack of movement. Energy is LOW during this time. We like to hibernate, be cozy and reserve our energy for times where it is truly needed {A reminder that we are animals after all!}. We also turn to hearty comfort foods and can go weeks without seeing the sun. All things affecting our overall well being!! 


     Ah, but enter the wonderful time of spring, primavera, new beginnings! Sunshine, green stuff, and all that stored en